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  • Department Manager
  • Tianhe, Guangzhou
  • 2
  • 2018-03-15

Job Responsibilities
1. Track market dynamics, understand industry trends, and keep up-to-date with competitors;
2. Research customer needs and form a business requirements document;
3, according to market demand and sharing planning product development line, design product business and service model, and define related functional modules, responsible for product life cycle management;
4. Coordinate internal resources and follow up the development schedule;
5. Cooperate with market personnel to carry out product promotion planning and assist in formulating pricing strategies and promotion strategies;
6, the daily management and maintenance of products, continuous product improvement.

Permission requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above majoring in computer science, information systems, e-commerce, etc.;
2, 2 years working experience in new product design or development in the Internet field;
3. Familiar with the implementation process of Internet products, including the whole process of user research, demand analysis, product development and testing;
4, has a good project planning and coordination capabilities, can effectively achieve the project schedule according to the time node;
5. Strong logical thinking ability, with certain industry experience and technology accumulation, with keen insight into the development trend of related industries;
6, has a good communication skills and team spirit, with good documentation capabilities;
7. It is preferred to have product design experience in third party payment, commercial banking, and e-commerce.

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Tel:0769-82583597 Company address:No. 5206 office building, 8 office building, Vanke center, 1 Changqing South Road, Changan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong