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Our mission:

  • 01. Create high benefits for employees
  • 02. Create high value for customers
  • 03. Profit growth for shareholders
  • 04. Improve brand image, become the most competitive supplier in the industry team, and maintain a leading position in the industry. Each major business maintains the top two in the market.
  • 05. Relying on the PVC customer base, we combine high-tech and information technology; and strive to become the most industrially valuable corporate brand in the air pump industry. Allow employees to integrate into Yimei's brand culture, and take pride in Yimei’s beauty while improving employees’ lifestyle

Tel:0769-82583597 Company address:No. 5206 office building, 8 office building, Vanke center, 1 Changqing South Road, Changan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong